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The Kum and Go. Or as my mom called it, the ejaculate and evacuate.

Jizz and jet

shoot and scoot

blow your load and hit the road
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moist is a disgusting word because it’s the only word that can describe both a cake and a diaper

What about the word tasty?


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A demonstrator kissed a police officer during a protest in Susa, Italy, against a high-speed train line between Lyon, France, and Turin, Italy. 
Marco Bertorello
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After an announcement yesterday outlining what girls (and only girls) could and could not wear to school today (even though it was 80 degrees and the school would not turn on the air conditioner) someone posted this in a stairwell. A lot of girls were supportive of these posters, seeing as some teachers were sending down absolutely any girls wearing shorts.

a m e n.
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These shocking photographs show what life is like for a little girl living with parents gripped by hard drug addiction.
Parents Pasha and Lilya, from St Petersburg, seem oblivious to their two-year-old daughter Anfisa, who craves their attention and love.
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"My daughter lucki Mae"
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